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Helen asks for help. Posted on behalf of one of our models.

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

As you know, like so many people, the work for freelance models has recently disappeared. Modelling was my full time job (and one I’m passionate about) and as it was my only source of income, I’m now having to look at other ways to provide for myself and my children. To that end I’m increasing the number of life poses I’m uploading to my Only Fans page to make it an invaluable source of reference material for artists who no longer have access to models. 

Drawing from a 2D image isn’t the same as from life, but with all art groups suspended its important to keep practicing. Please support artist’s models if you are able to by using their images and subscribing to any online services they provide.

My Only Fans page has a back catalogue of almost 2,000 images which can be used as reference for life, portrait and sculpture, with new sets of images posted multiple times a day, every day.

The page includes sets of images of the same life pose from various angles, which will be ideal for sculptors. There are also portraits in colour with the addition of a black and white version, to assist with tonal identification, all taken in good light.

From now on there will be some quick, dynamic poses presented in video format, with the option of bespoke poses or a live feed.

Subscription is a mere $5 per month (of which I net around £2.50, depending on the exchange rate) and you can commit to as short or long a time period as you wish, according to the restrictions we’re faced with.

My Only Fans page does not include open leg or depict sexual scenes, though there are lingerie, fashion, underwater and art nude poses, many of which are on location and present artists with the opportunity to draw poses that cannot be replicated in an art studio.

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