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8 tricks every artist should know

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

So Eight top tips.

  1. Dont fret - dont sweat. It will all work out. Impossible I hear you say but by simply taking some angst out of the process and realising that your art is only stressing YOU .. you can enjoy the process more.

  2. Enjoy.. if you don't - why expect others to? So - play and enjoy playing .. our eyes and hands provide sensory pleasures that we appreciate and learn from. Rediscover them and nurture them.

  3. Talk and engage more - so much of the mystic fiction of "art" is around solitary practice and insularity - singular visions etc - none essentially true - especially for you and especially in a joined up technological age.

  4. Start more than one thing at a time.. this really works for me - by commencing multiple projects I do not get so hung up and macro focussed on one thing - I am freer to experiment and mess up - and that is SO good for creating new things and moving forward.

  5. Start something new and dont have any idea where it will lead you. Simple as that - play with new materials or methods and keep going ..

  6. Keep GOING. Of course doubts and false dawns will occur .. but once again - they only affect you. Just brush them aside and keep working.. its what you enjoy doing and that's the end of that debate.

  7. Listen to trusted friends. Beware critics .. plenty of folks will not appreciate what you do.. so seek out those that you feel you can trust to give you the time it takes to comment supportively - rare but they do exist.

  8. No sell by date - for you or your work. I often wonder what Rembrandt would be doing were he born in 1990. Making movies? Point is the values we have and the areas we choose to work in are framed by the times we live in and we have little or no control over that - the purpose of art and its roles in culture have changed and continue to evolve - and they reflect and tell us (and others) what we think and understand. So don't fret - PLAY.

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